About Us

Our Approach

At AFCOS, we are at the vanguard of transforming standardisation processes for construction materials in Europe. Our initiative is uniquely positioned at the intersection of technological advancement and environmental responsibility.

Our vision is to drive a paradigm shift in standardisation, focusing on agility and flexibility. We aim to empower the construction industry to embrace the twin transition, fostering sustainable practices and innovative solutions.

Our Committment

We are committed to creating a future where construction materials not only meet the highest standards of quality and safety but also contribute to environmental sustainability. Our work is guided by principles of inclusivity, innovation, and impact.

Spanning across multiple EU countries, our consortium brings together a diverse group of experts, from researchers and standardization bodies to industry leaders. This collective expertise ensures our recommendations and strategies are robust, relevant, and resonant with industry needs.

Stakeholders can expect the project to introduce more agile and flexible standardisation processes. These practices will be designed to keep pace with the rapid technological advancements and environmental demands in the construction industry.

AFCOS aligns with the EU Green Deal’s ambitions, emphasising sustainable practices. Stakeholders can look forward to advancements in low-carbon cement and other sustainable building materials, contributing to environmental conservation.

With a consortium involving multiple EU countries, stakeholders can benefit from the diverse expertise brought together by the project. The collaborative research is expected to yield comprehensive insights and innovative solutions in construction material standardisation.

 AFCOS is set to offer educational initiatives and training courses. These will focus on new material standardisation, providing stakeholders with opportunities for skill development and knowledge enhancement in this evolving field.

By fostering technological sovereignty and reducing dependencies, AFCOS aims to enhance the overall competitiveness of the European construction industry. This is crucial for stakeholders looking to maintain an edge in a rapidly evolving global market.

AFCOS emphasises the importance of stakeholder engagement, ensuring that the voices and needs of various industry players are considered. This inclusive approach means that recommendations and strategies developed will be broadly applicable and beneficial.

Stakeholders can expect AFCOS to deliver actionable roadmaps and strategies for the practical implementation of new standards. This includes exploitation models that benefit European Standardisation Organisations, national standardisation bodies, and the industry.

AFCOS aims to create a lasting impact on the construction industry, setting a precedent for future standardisation efforts. Stakeholders can be part of a legacy that shapes the future of sustainable construction practices in Europe and beyond.

AFCOS: Pioneering Sustainable Standardisation in Construction

Through AFCOS, we are not just redefining standards; we are building a legacy of sustainable practices that will echo through the future of construction in Europe and beyond.

Pioneering Digital Integration in Standardization

AFCOS is breaking new ground by integrating digital technologies into the standardisation process. This digital leap forward is expected to revolutionise how standards are developed, shared, and implemented, setting a new benchmark in the industry.

Cross-Sector Impact and Policy Influence

Beyond the construction industry, AFCOS is poised to influence policies and practices across multiple sectors. The project's insights and methodologies are designed to be transferable, potentially informing standardisation processes in other industries facing similar challenges. This cross-sector impact underscores AFCOS's role as a catalyst for broader systemic change, contributing to the EU's overarching goals of innovation, sustainability, and economic resilience.


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Our Partners

The AFCOS consortium comprises of 7 full partners from 4 EU countries (Bulgaria, Romania, Italy and Belgium) encompassing research and educational capacity, standardization expertise, industry representation, and ecosystem actors

AFCOS also has 7 associated partners from 6 more countries (Cyprus, Ireland, Croatia, Norway and Albania) ensuring EU coverage and exploitability of the project results to a high level.

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