Agile and Flexible Construction Materials Standardisation for Boosting the Twin Transition

Roadmaps for pre-standardisation

AFCOS will produce roadmaps for standardisation as enabler of innovation uptake in the new building materials field.

Educational and training courses

AFCOS will develop new courses for education and training in standardisation for industrial stakeholders.

Network & Capicity Building

AFCOS will create synergies with local and international stakeholders and will connect with similar EU projects.

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AFCOS is a pioneering initiative

Responding to the EU Standardization Strategy of 2022, the broader EU Green Deal, and the twin transition, the AFCOS project is at the forefront of this innovation. Our mission is to develop recommendations for more agile standardization processes for construction materials. 

This initiative is rooted in pre-normative research conducted collaboratively across various sectors, involving research, standardisation, and industrial actors a wide aray of European countries.





We Believe In

Proper Education and Quality Knowledge

AFCOS is committed to producing roadmaps for pre-standardisation, educational and training course strategies, and developing skills in the field of standardisation of new building materials. 

These efforts aim to significantly benefit European Standardisation Organizations (ESOs), national standardisation bodies, educational institutions, and the industry at large.

Core activities

We invite you to be a part of this transformative journey. Whether you are an industry professional, researcher, or policy-maker, your contribution can help shape the future of construction material standardization in Europe.

Research and Development

Conducting cutting-edge research to inform the standardisation process.

Stakeholder Engagement

Engaging with various stakeholders to ensure
a comprehensive understanding of industry needs.

Educational Initiatives

Developing educational programs and training courses to build expertise in the standardisation of new building materials.

Exploitation Strategies

Formulating strategies to maximise the impact of the findings for the benefit of ESOs, national
standardisation bodies, educational institutions, and the industry.

Join us in our journey towards innovating and shaping the future of construction material standardisation.

AFCOS Partners

With a consortium of 7 full partners and 5 associated partners from 9 EU countries, AFCOS combines research capacity, standardisation expertise, and industry representation. This diverse collaboration ensures extensive EU coverage and the exploitability of our project results at a high level.


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